Our 25 Year History

Meet our Founder & CEO

Our 25 Year History

Michael Greene is CEO of Greene & Co. International, an international diamond and jewelry company with a showroom in Beverly Hills. As an industry connoisseur and expert since 1995, Michael is a leader in bespoke services that fulfill each client’s unique needs. As one of his signature traits, Michael enjoys getting to know his clients on a personal level and is not shy about asking questions so he may design jewelry that reflects each client’s individual spirit.


Michael’s direct partnership with the Forevermark diamond brand owned by the Debeers Group allows Greene & Co. to provide access and premium expertise at unparalleled pricing.  As just one of 75 DeBeers Group sight-holders, Greene & Co. takes pride in its ability to offer direct from the mine stones without the complications and layers of working with a broker.

Michael openly shares his knowledge and experience with his clients to guide them through some of their most important purchases. Education is a key component to the long lasting client relationships Michael has established. Michael believes it is imperative that all of the Greene & Co. clients feel confident and knowledgeable about their jewelry investments.



Michael Greene’s clients reside all over the globe and surely appreciate Michael’s global mindset and accommodating nature. Meetings take place in all corners of the world with the utmost level of discretion. Over the years, Michael Greene has personally designed and manufactured jewelry for celebrities, ambassadors, and countless sports and music legends. He continues to grow his client portfolio and welcomes you to complete a confidential client profile.



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